Raquel Cartagena

As a lifelong learner, I pride myself on acquiring guidance from as many different sources as possible. So, when my 7 yr. old (eldest of my 4 children) came to me about 15 years ago advocating I lead a healthier lifestyle, I had to stop and listen. I was a smoker…notice it’s written in the past tense. My child’s concern laid heavy on me and I knew I needed to make a positive change to ensure that I would be here for all my children for a long time. I needed my children to understand that they were my priority through valuing and taking care of myself. Their concern not only had me refocus on taking better care of my physical self, but also my mental, spiritual and emotional self. I needed to channel this new-found drive and confidence to eliminate any bad habits and become the successful woman, mom and business person I always knew I could be.Within the hardships of becoming a single mom, what became very clear was that if I wanted to continue a healthier lifestyle, I would have to shed my old skin of habits that worked against me for a new skin that allowed me to redefine my norm and help me intentionally adopt positive new ways of living. 

In the process, I’ve become a stronger role model for my family and a successful, independent, single mom.

I now pride myself on maintaining a lifestyle that promotes the kind of life I want to live. I have practiced the science of personal training for 15 years and coupled that with the art of building programs that keep all people, at every level, interested and engaged.  We really do start where you are…meeting each person at their individual readiness level.
I understand that people come from different backgrounds, with differing degrees of fitness and fitness goals. It’s important to entrust your fitness goals to someone that cannot only provide you with the right guidance and accountability in physical activity, but help you intentionally adopt a 100% mindset. My commitment is to help you internalize your mission, so it becomes part of who you are. Your intent and commitment are at the core of the outcomes you will be able to expect. Everyone comes fully equipped…it’s a matter of appreciating and understanding how to use what you have in order to get where you want to be.

My Certifications


Was it 20 or 50 push-ups that got you there…you won’t remember.
Was it eating an apple over a slice of pizza…you probably won’t be able to recall.
But what you WILL remember is how you felt when your clothes fit better,

when you felt stronger and when you looked in the mirror and realized

You Were The Person That You Always Knew You Could Be.

At Transformative Body Training, women, seniors and those seeking to bring health and fitness into their life’s journeys, is my ultimate passion. Whether you are enrolled in Private sessions, Semi-Privates or a specialty setting like one of my Fit Mom Camps, Semi-Private for Women-Only or Senior Fitness Programs, WE work together to unlock your potential and reconnect you with the body you were meant to be living in. Understanding that everyone’s goals and challenges are anchored on very different levels of personal experiences, I work with my clients in tracking their progress and keeping them engaged and focused along their fitness journey. One of my primary objectives at Transformative Body Training is to help you learn how to stop battling your body and start respecting it for the masterpiece it is!
I take great pride in providing a no-judgement training zone and environment for my clients, which makes it the perfect solution if you:
✓ Come with some or no fitness experience
✓ Are just getting reengaged into fitness
✓ Want to improve proper form or technique
✓ Want to get stronger physically and mentally
✓ Are focused on improving your body composition and flexibility
✓ Desire to feel better
✓ Need to be more consistent and held accountable with your workouts
With Transformative Body Training, know that you have found a safe environment where you can effectively work on your personal fitness goals. Because I know repetition is the mother of skill, I will help you focus on realizing your ultimate transformation through a variety of tailor-made, repeatable programs suited to raise your confidence level with great impact and result-driven outcomes.

our vision and mission

Build with what you have, you come fully equipped!
Everyone comes fully equipped with what they need in order to achieve their fitness goals. At Transformative Body Training, my motto is… ‘We Start Where You Are’. I tailor your experience to not only meet your goals but achieve results far greater than you ever imagined & have many testimonials to back up this bold statement.
Along your fitness journey, you will see your body and mind getting stronger and a new confident layer added to your being . As you continue to make positive changes, your personal happiness will grow. There is a positive & authentic relationship between feeling good, happiness and living your best life. 
At Transformative Body Training, my aim is to hold the mirror in helping you work toward and seeing.. The Best Version Of Yourself. 

"Your transformation begins and ends with you. At Transformative Body Training, you will stop chasing your fitness and weight goals, you will achieve them…and, I will be there every step of the way. Your success is my success!"
Raquel - coach, Trainer, Educator
My personal Assurance to you

This is where your journey starts.

Help me, help you. Just come and Try it out once and see if its a fit..